November Rain❤️

Oddly in the month of November,
It was raining.
The pristine cold breeze made the weather colder,
Curled up in her favorite night wear,
She kept watching the falling droplets in her translucent window shell.

The pluviophile inside her,
Wanted to feel the patter of the rain.
Naked feet,
Taking gulps down her throat,
She stepped out in the downpour.
The frore pearls from heaven
Touched her body and
Engulfed her into a warm shower of peace.
Head facing the clouds,
Slowly she stretched out her arms,
Then closed her eyes so tight
That the wrinkles could’ve left a forever mark!

It was his wedding the day after,
And birthday, that day.
She could hear his imaginary laughter echoing,
She could see his imaginary
Sleek body dressed as a groom,
She could hear the tinkles,
She could feel his hazel brown eyes
Looking out for someone in the crowd.
The melodious sound of the flute
seemed cacophonous to her.
The tears disguised as rain droplets
Escaped her eyes.
She swirled and twirled.
The remnants of past loud and clear.
The rumbled clouds had broken her silence,
Her soul felt light,
Eyes still closed, even tighter.

Trail of memories,
It was 5 long years since he was gone.
She had moved on.
He was history.
Still that night,
She cried in the company of thunder,
Then fell down on her knees.
The clouds now knew her secret.
She hugged them with a grinned smile.
Subtly, thanking them to let her out.

Then the weather cleared off.
For, their purpose was served.
Drenched, soaked in the envelope of memories,
She paved her way back to her room.
And watched the rainbow,
Cracking it’s beauty,
Through the same translucent window.
Stifling a laugh,
She played the song,
“It’s hard to cold a candle
In the cold November rain”!

♡ Priya Agarwal

Autumn Girl❤️

It’s Autumn now.
The fall, they say.
The trees have started shedding the withered leaves and
the soil have started embracing the same,
with all the love and warmth,

People wait for Spring.
The season with new flowers,
new blossoms,
warm sunshine,
birds chirping,
bright faces
and longer days

But she always had a thing for Autumn.
She liked it colder,
she liked the silence and most of all,
she liked the rustling sound of those fallen leaves underneath her feet.

She remembered how one day,
she was walking on the same old streets.
The street was then a golden sheet of blanket enveloped with the weary leaves.
The trees slouched down,
the wind was heavy.

A familiar laugh accompanied with the cold breeze made her shiver,
and she was taken aback to see that,
it was him.
He looked happier,
his laugh wider.
Those hazel brown eyes were more sharper and beautiful than ever before.

“Dadddddy” an angelic face with an epitome of innocence whirled around him.
He called his little angel with her name,
and hugged his kid gently.
Few feets away, her heart skipped a beat.
The reel of flashbacks made it difficult for her to stand.
She drooped down on the same red and yellow leaves,
and stayed there numb and frozen,
till the night confined her into its darkness.

Since that day on,
life made her fall in love with those weary leaves,
with that cold breeze,
with those dense trees that confided her secret,
And since then, she was an Autumn girl.

♡ Priya Agarwal

The girl with red lips ❤️

The girl with red lips,
The gorgeous mess,
The girl with ocean of love,
With a heart like gold and no less.

Full of life,
And those pretty smiles.
Hazel eyes,
Can walk on your shoes for miles.

Midnight greys,
Morning blues,
Some perky evenings,
Her life had all the beautiful hues.

Then came a day,
She fell in love.

Loved profoundly,
Eternity was her creed.
Destiny made her meet him at the wrong time,
His forced commitment left her on read.

The candle of hope was dim but still lit,
Surreal dreams kept her awake,
The girl with red lips still smiled,
Her heart kept waiting and clinched in ache.

Fickle minded,
Strong heart,
Teary eyes but lipstick intact,
She decided to start afresh,
No reminiscence of the past.

“Happy Birthday, beautiful” ,
Her phone buzzed,
Love rekindled,
So did the tears.

The girl with red lips smirked in fear,
Trembling hands,
She typed to pour out her despair.

“Thank you” was all that she could send.
His happiness was all that she could pray.
Once again she was in love,
But now she was strong enough to let it end.

♡ Priya Agarwal

Dedicated to you, Pavi. Happiest birthday! ❤️

The final flight of dreams!

Lost somewhere in between the
monotony of work, desires, goals & running an extra mile,
She was tired of maintaining a fake smile.
Happily living for others,
unhappily existing with self,
Aggravating stress and tension, breaking her into tears.
Looking for reality behind the identity,
trying hard but unable to find peace in her vicinity.
Her wings all glitched,
she missed the skies,
baffled and vexed,
she was scared to get ditched.
And when she cudn’t overcome the burdens enveloped in fabricated fears,
making life an unsuccessful vibe,
Positivity begun to drop its side.

However, one day, tables turned around.
She unlocked the cage, flew far beyond.
Away from the hawking faces,
Away from the dooming rat races,
Away from the worries, strangling her from head to toe,
An ineffable peace, she felt the world is not that cruel though.
She kept flying, from morning blues to evening reds
Wings were heavy at the start, eventually landing her to the roses of beds.
She flew 9 to 5 but never lamented like before,
Her hunch came true, scuffle in life was no more sore.
Met new birds, who came breaking their confinements & joined her way,
She understood, she was not alone in the life to pay.
Many tried sending her back and cursed her of leaving the beautiful cage,
Adamant and strong, reluctant to return, she sabotaged each one of them in rage.
Post flying for months, she regained her confidence and positivity,
Into the oblivion, she entered into a new world where she found the eternity.
Elated and excited, she started life afresh, singing and dancing,
She finally found her long, lost home!

♡ Priya Agarwal

Special thanks to prashant for the first paragraph. Thank you for leading me into this ❤

The Inseparable Separation❤️

Beneath the hustle..

Amidst the crowd..

He stood there with a forlorn look at his face..

It was time..

The train’s horn was blown, envoking an agitation of separation..

The moment I stepped up to the train, he clasped his hands into mine caressing it in a way that a whim of chills ran down my entire body. His touch was always like a spark.

Wish I knew that it was his last touch..

The moment train began to hiss and screech, making his hand slip away from mine, I felt an obscure pain. My heart was throbbing faster and faster with a feeling that something is slipping away..

I remember him standing there frozen with wet eyes and his hand yet stretched out towards mine and eyes asking me to stay..

Yes I was in despairs but not for a moment, had I thought that those teary, deep eyes are sharing its last glance with me.

Slowly, the sounds started disappearing. All I could hear is the creaking, hissing sound of the engine. I kept waving at his vague appearance till his shadow got submerged into the hollowness of the space. I kept waving..

Inclusive of all our memories, I had this undefined clinching pain inside me for I had to leave this city, the city that had changed our lives and got us together..

I stood there aghast at the feel of inching away from him..

I could still feel the warmth of his grip into my hand.

Vividly, I closed my eyes and began to reminisce all the love that he gave me in the past four years. Let it be, getting me a rose by taking a stroll of the entire area in the scorching sunny day or making me my favourite lunch and escorting me to the station on a chilly early morning, he gave me so much that I felt obligated to his love. With every gust of wind, memories started flashing back and forth before me.

My somber soul recollected itself as tears started rolling down involuntarily.

I smiled at my destiny for making me blessed with his love.

Wish I knew that those were the only memories that I’m gonna cherish for the rest of my life.

Coz had I been aware, I would have looked into those brown, beautiful eyes of his once again and I would have told him that how lucky I am to have him, the flawless him, the perfect him. They say nobody’s perfect. However, for me, he was my Mr. Perfect.

I would have told him that he makes my world light up, he fills my world with colors and that not a day passes when I don’t thank god for making him choose me.

I would have told him that I love him, and that he is the gist of my perfect fairytale.

Coz had I known this, I would have twirled around in his arms one last time to feel the hymm of his heartbeat, to feel home, to feel alive.

Coz had I known, perhaps I wouldn’t have boarded the train that parted our ways.

Coz had I known, perhaps I would have stayed……

♡ Priya Agarwal


No Shuddering voices,
No staggering steps!
Louder we need to voice against them to bring peace to the pain in our chest.

No relentless bullies,
No hesitating fears
Bolder we need to hold hands against them to shear.

Come with me,
Break the chains,
Lets Rise up,
Together we’ll stand to drink the wine of life in daring slurps..

Come with me,
All we need is one another’s hand to suffice and it’ll be all perfect.
No vengeance, no voilence..
Stealthily and peacefully, we’ll make this world a beautiful closet.

♡ Priya Agarwal

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